Jul 24

We're Hiring!! - Director of Seasonal Color

Posted by: Emily Cauble

Clint Horticulture is currently hiring! We'd love to have you on our team! DIRECTOR OF SEASONAL COLOR -  Primary Responsibilities: Clint Horticulture is looking for a key player to add to our design team. We are seeking a qualified, professional whose primary responsibility will be....

Aug 14

The Exploratory Landscape

Posted by: Emily Cauble

Wow! Can you believe it's mid August already... this summer has flown by and for many of you August means one thing. BACK. TO. SCHOOL. (kids groaning, parents cheering) in honor of our tots getting back to the grind, i wanted to share this amazing project. The Exploratory Landscape is an exciting ....

Dec 20

Calamondin Harvest

Posted by: Emily Cauble

Chip enjoys a potted citrus plant. His ever-expanding collection easily filled the newly enlarged CHI greenhouse this winter. We’ve all been able to enjoy the sweet scent of citrus blossoms and get a taste of the tangy kumquats and calamondins. Calamondins, Citrus mitis, perform qui....

Nov 07

TARR: Take-All Root Rot

Posted by: Emily Cauble

In recent years, a fungal disease that infects the underground organs of turf grasses has wreaked havoc on Texas lawns. This disease, commonly known as Take-All Root Rot (TARR), is caused by the pathogen Gaeumannomyces graminis. The fungus grows in a web on the surface of the roots and causes them ....