Calamondin Harvest

Posted by: Emily Cauble

Chip enjoys a potted citrus plant. His ever-expanding collection easily filled the newly enlarged CHI greenhouse this winter. We’ve all been able to enjoy the sweet scent of citrus blossoms and get a taste of the tangy kumquats and calamondins.

Calamondins, Citrus mitis, perform quite well in pots and are hardier to cold than any other true citrus species.  The edible fruit of the calamondin are orange, small (1” in diameter) and thin-skinned. Just as with kumquats, you can bite right into the peel and enjoy the entire fruit.

 Our beautiful bounty of this tart fruit graced the 2012 CHI Holiday card. And just this week Michelle, Elizabeth, and Chip harvested 18 pounds (see photo)!

Currently, Chip is hard at work turning the large harvest into a spiced marmalade…


  • Andrey...

    I've not had kumquats in ages! But I have fond moemries of them because they always remind me of New Year in Hong Kong. We'd visit friends and relatives during that time and many families had a kumquat tree/plant in the house for good luck, as you mentioned. I've never had limequats or calamondin though.

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