Nov 07

TARR: Take-All Root Rot

Posted by: Emily Cauble

In recent years, a fungal disease that infects the underground organs of turf grasses has wreaked havoc on Texas lawns. This disease, commonly known as Take-All Root Rot (TARR), is caused by the pathogen Gaeumannomyces graminis. The fungus grows in a web on the surface of the roots and causes them ....

Oct 02

October Plant: Curucuma alismatifolia

Posted by: Emily Cauble

Curucuma alismatifolia Common Name: Siam Tulip, Thai Ginger Lily Family: Zingiberaceae (Ginger Family) Type: Herbaceous Perennial Zone: 8-10 Height: 1.5-2' Spread: 1-1.5' Bloom Time: Late Summer-Early Fall Flowers: Showy, 3" Inflorescence Sun: Full Sun – Part Shade Water:....

Mar 16

Get Your Vote ON!!!!

Posted by: Emily Cauble

The Center for Growing People (Our Saviour Community Gardens) needs your votes! They are one of 15 community gardens across America in line to receive a shared sum of $20,000 from DeLoach. The 5 gardens who receive the most votes win! You can vote ONCE PER DAY from now until August 1, 2011 - and th....

Mar 02


Posted by: Emily Cauble

We are sooo excited about the launch of our new and improved website!! we have been working away on this project for about 2 years now... so to have it all ready, well 'excited' is an understatement! With that said, we could not have done it alone. We'd like to take a moment to send out a special t....